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Gutter Cleaning in Brighton East SussexKleentech Gutter Cleaning in Brighton are professional gutter cleaners opperating in Sussex.
To carry out our gutter clearance service, we use the latest high powered vacuum system in combination with lightweight carbon fibre poles.  We can effectively clean gutters with ease, reaching over most out buildings such extensions and conservatories. Our system has a reach of up to four stories high without using ladders or scaffolding

Quality Gutter Cleaning service

As a gutter cleaning company, we offer the best quality service to all of our customers. Kleentech Gutter Cleaning Brighton has over 20 years’ experience in gutter clearance and clearing blocked and overflowing gutters. We pride ourselves been fully equipped and able to clear gutters no matter how demanding.


Professional Gutter Cleaners in Brighton, East Sussex
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Gutter Cleaners in BrightonGutter cleaning Brighton & Hove

As professional gutter cleaners in Brighton we know our customers will expect the very best service and it’s always our intention to deliver those expectations.
Our gutter cleaning service is available to all domestic and commercial customers in Brighton ans throughout Sussex.


Gutter Cleaning in Brighton Costs

Depending on factors such as height, length, access and type of property, our gutter cleaning costs start from as low as £30 per side with a minimum charge of £60 for any job.

Call us today for a no obligation quote to get your gutters cleaned in Brighton and the surrounding areas. Please call us for a gutter cleaning quotation on Tel. 01293 280898


Blocked Gutters in BrightonWhy you should clean your gutters

You should always maintain your home including keeping the gutters cleaned. Overflowing gutters may result in costly insurance claims.

Increasingly, more insurance companies throughout the UK are recommending gutter clearance a part of a routine maintenance program. Insurance companies gutter cleaning recommendations.




Gutter Repairs Brighton

Kleentech Gutter Cleaning in BrightonWe also offer a gutter repair service. When carrying out gutter cleaning we sometime come across gutters that are damaged or faulty. We will inform you if we notice anything that requires repairing and give you a quotation to carry out a gutter repair.
If the gutter repair involves only minor work we can usually do it while we are already on site. If the gutter requires more time and additional materials we may have to book the job in for another day.